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Subject: Newsletter #28
Sent Out On:2005-12-04

Newsletter #28
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28-1-Owl.jpg 28-2-African-Eagle-Owl.jpg 28-3-Falcon-Peregrin.jpg 28-4-Eagle-Owl-with-mouse.jpg

Speckled Owl

African Eagle Owl

Peregrin Falcon

African Eagle Owl


1. Titusville Birding Festival 2005
2. Panama Photo Safari 2006

3. Product Information


The Arctic Falcon


This year’s Space Coast Birding & Wildlife Festival in Titusville was the best ever!!  Hats off to Laurilee Thompson, its founder, and all her hardworking staff, with Neta Harris at the helm!!  There was a ‘full- house’ of booths at the college’s gym showing displays of many artists—myself included—the latest optic equipment, and just about every kind of outdoor toy to satisfy most any birder on the planet!!   There was a terrific display (fabulous photo ‘opps’!!) and informative interaction programs offered by the Audubon Center for Birds of Prey, to name just a few of the many programs represented at the Festival.  (I’m sorry I can’t mention them all). This Festival is truly a tribute to our natural world and the outstanding efforts made by many to save our wildlife & environment.

I thank all of you who were student/participants in my In-the-Field workshops…..I enjoyed every single one of you and like to think I made some new friends along they way.  Hurricane Wilma saw to it that conditions for photographing birds were not the best, but I hope I may have assisted you in some small way with your photographic goals or at least added some fuel to your enthusiasm to embrace wildlife and nature photography.  Please feel free to contact me at any time with any questions, and do keep in touch.  (Thank you Tad, Ty & Jeff for everything!)




Rufous Mot-mot


Time is flying by and soon those lucky enough to have signed on early will have to “buckle up” and be off to Panama for seven incredible, fun-filled days of fantastic photography, or just viewing.   We fly to Panama City on March 3rd, and will be picked up via private vans & transported to the El Valle region of Panama.  This plush, tropical, mountainous region is a living laboratory of flora & fauna.  Please visit my website www.joannewilliamsphotography.com  and go to “galleries” in the upper bar and hit on ‘Panama Gallery’ to view a sample of just a few of the delights that are in store for you.  A private side-trip is in the works for those interested in going (March 9th) to the Panama Canal Zone (the museum & displays, plus actually viewing the ships’ transport and Canal’s operation).   For explicit details on the photo safari trip, go to my website and log on to Safari Tours at the top bar.   Lodging is limited and I must know if you are interested—like yesterday!!  Thank you!


Holiday time is upon us and as wonderful as ‘gift-giving’ is, there is a certain amount of anxiety and stress that goes along with it.  Perhaps you are a spouse, significant-other, and/or friend of a photographer and have no idea what to give them.  Of course, one solution is to call me for practical advice and needs, such as Better Beamers for the flash ($45.00), or the Screen Shade that eliminates glare on the LCD screen, or the detachable magnifying 3X lens for the Screen Shade ($25.00 ea.), or the new light-weight Wimberley tripod head (WH-200 $595.00) or the older model (WH-101 $565.00)—this model will no doubt be discounted when the newer model hits the shelves—(shipping is not included in any of the above prices).   If none of these suggestions work for you, I strongly recommend you visit my friend  (of Wimberley fame), Jill Conrad’s new website www.photographersgifts.com  or you can e-mail Jill at info@photographers.com  It could be the answer to your holiday dilemma.  Jill, the very best to you with this new venture!

Another tip:  Buying and selling equipment can be tricky business.  You might want to save yourself some hassle and contact Laurie Excell,  the Equipment Lady at lexcell@earthlink.net.  Check out her website:

Happy Holidays!!


"Keep Your Aperature Your Priorty"
28-9-Yellowed-Tailed-Oriole.jpg 28-11-Panama-Scenic.jpg 28-8-Panama-Canal.jpg 28-10-Thick-BIlled-Euphonia.jpg

Yellow-tailed Oriole

Canal Zone

Thick-billed Euphonia

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