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Subject: Newsletter #33
Sent Out On:2006-03-19

Newsletter #33
33-1-Golden-Hooded-Tanager.jpg 33-2-Panama-Canal.jpg 33-3-Green-Honeycreeper.jpg 33-4-Red-crowned-Woodpecker.jpg

Golden Hooded Tanager

Panama Canal

Green Honeycreeper

Red-crowned Woodpecker


1. Panama Photo Safari

2. PMA Show

3. Lighthouse Point Art Show


Miraflores Locks


The feedback I’ve received regarding my first Panama Photo Safari has been very positive. I presented a couple of slide shows inviting the Birders who were also visiting the lodge to join us, plus our group had a chance to show their work and receive some constructive criticism from me. Judging from some of the images participants have sent me, improvement in photo skills has also been a big plus. Practice makes perfect!! Another adventure to add to the fun of this trip, other than wonderful wildlife, was our visit to the Panama Canal Zone and being allowed behind the scenes to see what makes it tick. I refer to the Panama Canal as the world’s biggest “short cut” when talking in shipping terms. We were granted special permission to visit and photograph first hand the “inner workings” of this incredibly technical and massive production, as well as personally escorted around the museum to learn about the history of this great human achievement. As a matter of fact, we were told that we were absolutely the last group to ever be given permission to go behind the scenes of the Panama Canal; all passes have ceased. A huge thank you to Noris Lopez who sought permission from the proper officials which granted us this privilege. Thanks to all of my Panama Photo Safari group for coming and sharing this great experience with me.


Broad-billed Mot Mot



Common Tody Flycatcher


Once again, the PMA show was just that, a show!! This incredible spectacle demonstrated vividly the affluence of the photography companies such as Nikon, Canon, Fuji, to name just a few of the many big names all trying to out-do their competitors. There were stages with dancing girls, demonstrations of hundreds of products, and even a dancing gorilla to try and lure the potential buyer. There were wonderful opportunities to see and try new equipment, learn about new products available on the market, or just stand back and be in awe at the magnitude of the event. Canon’s booth alone cost in excess of three million dollars, which should give you a hint as to how well the industry is doing. I enjoyed the chance to assist two people make important equipment decisions by introducing them to my long-time friend & technical Canon guru, Mike Nadler. Mike was kind enough to spend a lot of time explaining Canon’s history regarding digital, which helped me to be able to reinforce advice regarding equipment decisions. One tip I want to share but cannot give you the technical reasons why is; it is recommended that digital Canon camera users remove all UV/protective lens from their existing lenses. In a nutshell, the digital cameras react negatively to these lenses. On the flip side of that statement is that I did remove mine while in Panama, but fortunately screwed it back on while packing for the trip home. When I opened up the checked bag after the flight, I discovered the UV lens smashed. Miraculously, the lens itself was in tact.



It doesn’t seem possible, but this will be the 12th Annual LHP Yacht & Racquet Club Arts Exhibit, and my 12th year as an exhibitor. This is a fun, upbeat event open to the public. The event includes many artists and many different art mediums. Due to the size of my display, I will be located indoors in the room to the right of the entrance. There will be images from Africa, Ecuador, the Falkland Islands, the Galapagos, Panama, the Pribolofs, the USA and specifically Florida. The hours are from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 pm and the address is 2701 NE 42nd St. (954) 942-7244. Please come by and say hello!!


I enjoyed a brief moment of ownership of this new, lighter weight tripod head as one of my Panama tour participant’s borrowed it and that’s the last I saw of it!! He loved it so much he bought it on the spot, and it wasn’t even for sale!! Oh well……. If any of you have doubts as to what head to buy, this little quick story should convince you. I am a Wimberley dealer, and my allotted shipment of new heads did arrive today. These heads (and/or the older model) are a must for ‘weighty’ 500mm to 600mm lens owners for their fantastic performance and balance. Flight shots with this head are a breeze. The cost is $595.00 plus $15.00 shipping. If you would like a Wimberley catalog, or to purchase any other Wimberley items, let me know.

"Keep Your Aperature Your Priorty"
33-8-Red-tailed-Squirrel.jpg 33-9-Red-legged-Honeycreepe.jpg 33-10-Broad-billed-Mot-Mot.jpg 33-11-Blue-grey-Tanager.jpg

Red-tailed Squirrel

Red-legged Honeycreeper

Broad-billed Mot Mot

Blue-gray Tanager

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