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May 24,2024
African Photo Safaris
African Photo Tour
The African Photo Safari has been carefully crafted over many years of personal
experience and is designed to allow you to take dazzling pictures of the beautiful animals that
inhabit the dark continent in a very comfortable, roomy setting.
We differ from many other tours in that we give you one vehicle for two people.
We don't cram people into crowded vans and bus them through the scenic game reserves
& national parks we'll be visiting, while we track down
'The Big Five' (lions, buffaloes, elephants, leopards, & rhinos).
African Photo Tour
We will be visiting some of the most alluring mountains, lakes, rivers, savanna grasslands
& deserts as we make our way through the picturesque Masai Mara Game Reserve,
Samburu Game Reserve & Lake Nakuru National Park in Kenya.
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My safari participants can expect ample opportunities to photograph some of the most spectacular animals in some of the most sought after photo hot spots in the world. The reticulated giraffes and gerenuks that fed on their hind legs roam the Samburu Game Reserve alongside the thin stripes of the Grevy's zebra and the myriad of bird species that soar through the African air.
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The Lilac-breasted roller, the vulterine guineafowl & pale-chanting goshawks call this area home. Keep your eyes peeled for the elusive leopard, which is known to cruise these parts.
Lake Nakuru is home to one of the largest populations of lesser flamingos in the world, as well as the multitude of other birds that live here such as African Spoonbills, yellow-billed stork, snake eagles, goliath herons, & jewel-like Malachite kingfishers. This photo safari is put together by Joanne Williams with the photographer in mind! Our itinerary allows us plenty of time to stop and take photos of these beautiful birds in their native habitat.
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The Masai Mara Game Reserve is
considered by many the premier
photo location in Africa for the sheer quantity & assortment of animals that roam this land. You'll spot
elephants, hippos, Masai giraffe, zebra, gnu, impala, Thompsons & Grants gazelles, topi, hartebeest, hyrax, jackal, hyena, cheetah, leopard & lions are
permanent residents here, sometimes fairly common.
wildlife photo safari
wildlife photo safaris
The rivers edge is filled with 15 - 18 ft. Nile Crocodiles who watch the 'great migration' of thousands of animals leaping across the waters in a crossing that you have to see to believe! We will be spending the longest portion of our photographic safari inside the Masai Mara reserve for optimum exposure to photographic opportunities! And to insure success, you will enjoy the
exceptional setup of only two photographers per vehicle, which allows you plenty of room for your gear, photography equipment and tripods!
African Photo Safari

African Safari Info:
August 16th - August 31st, 2010

$8700 Double Occupancy
$1700 Single Supplement

$500 non-refundable deposit required
to save your space (applied to balance)

$5000 trip deposit
due by May 15th, 2010


African Photo Safaris

Tour Includes:

Tips for English speaking driver/guides, sherpas &
kitchen staff (NOT room stewards)
Rice or similar filling for bean bags as necessary
Bottled water for trip duration
Park Fees
Professional photographic assistance available

Tour Does Not Include:

Airfare to & from Kenya
Passport & Visa fees
Airport taxes
Room steward/maid gratuities
Personal expenses
(beverages,laundry, phone calls, e-mail/internet charges, etc)

African Photo Safaris Photo Safari African Safari
African Safaris African Photo Africa Safari

African Photo Safari
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