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April 21,2024


Your photographic tour of the Galapagos Islands will bring you face to face with some of the very same Giant tortoises that Charles Darwin actually saw when he hopped aboard the Beagle in 1859! As if they realize the islands are named after them, they greet you with their centenarian smile as you make landfall to this magical place. Come and see for yourself what inspired Darwin to pen “The Origin of Species” as you get up close and personal with the endemic species that call this place home.
Getting there is half the fun, especially when you travel to these mysterious islands in a luxurious 82 ft. catamaran that was custom built for navigating the Galapagos Islands. This vessel boasts 8 cabins, all of them with individual climate control, private bathrooms with a shower & tub, & ocean views...7 of them from a private balcony. You’ll be treated to a full crew including a native naturalist/guide who will help lead us to the islands via zodiacs, dropping us at the doorstep of these amazing creatures!
On our 14 day Galapagos tours, you’ll have unsurpassed opportunities to photograph the creatures on this island of rock and lava, as it rises out of the middle of the ocean. The island itself seems to be alive, as it teems with birds and reptiles and mammals, all of which happy to share their rock and eager to have their photo taken! As we travel this island hugging the equator, we’ll see sea lions, all sorts of frigate birds & gulls, blue-footed boobies, marine & land iguanas, Giant tortoises, hawks and many others!

Galapagos Tour Info:

Dates To Be Announced!
Please contact us if you're interested!


Tour Includes:
2 nights hotel stay in Quito (arrival & return)
*Airfares & transfers roundtrip!
*All tips for our bilingual naturalist/guides & crew members
Includes all meals on board the vessel
Professional photographic assistance available
(* = rarely included in most Galapagos Tour Packages)
Tour Does Not Include:
Meals in Quito
Departure or Arrival Taxes
All Galapagos park fees
Personal Items
(gifts, liquor, etc)
Wet Suits
(rental available at $45/wk)